Where to shop in Davao City – Aldevinco a treasure chest of culture and heritage.

photos of the philippines
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Just got back from the Kadayawan Festival. My first post on Davao will be what we did and where we shopped on our first day in Davao city.

Aldevinco shopping center in davao city
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Aldevinco is a mini-market place composed of lots of stalls selling batik, scarves, wooden handicrafts, brasswares, antiques, bracelets, hats, malong and other native items


Aldevinco is also known as the “grand bazzaar of Davao”

more scarves and goodies.. the womens scarves sell for Php 80.00 and the mens scarves go for P120-150

No tourist ever leaves Davao City without passing by the Aldevinco shopping center, we discovered because we were looking for the famous muslim scarves.  The Shopping Center is more than 40 years old.. a davao city landmark. Other products that can be found here include bags, slippers, table cloths, textiles and even indigenous musical instruments.

A shopping center that showcases the rich culture and heritage of Mindanao.

photos of the kadayawan on the next post!

photos of the philippines
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