Photo.Net.Ph & PiPho Aliwan Fiesta 2007 OTS Photo Contest

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Photo.Net.Ph & PiPho Aliwan Fiesta 2007 OTS Photo Contest

How to join?
1. You must be a registered & member

1. Register at and upload your photos to “URL”

2. Register at for online polling of your entries

3. Amateur and Professional are both eligible to join
Mechanics & Guidelines
1. Submit your Aliwan Fiesta 2007 Photo digital file (jpg), NO side should be longer than 640px. Preferable sizes are 640 x 427 px @ 72 dpi (DSLR’s) 640 x 480 @ 72 dpi (pNs)
2. There will be 4 categories:

Aliwan Moment – sidelights, preparation, candid etc
Aliw Portrait – any hilarious and entertaining portrait of contingents
Tribes of Aliwan – must be a group photo of tribe, participants, contingents (3 or more people in a photo will be considered as group)
PiPhoL in action (Bonus category) Any photographer in action

3. Members can only submit 1 entry per category
4. Winner takes ALL, you can win as much as Php 10,500+ Bonus Category

5. Duration of Photo contest voting will be from May 7 to May 13, 2007

6. Judging will be made by online polling (PiPho Site) 40% and 60% percent from online judging.

7. There will be 3 Judges (Online Judging)

8. Deadline of submission May 4, 2007 at 12pm

9. Upload your images to “”

10. Wait for announcement from for online voting
Put titles to your photos at aliwan category of
11. All entries must conform to the following specifications:

Jpeg / JPG format
Must be taken within Aliwan Fiesta 2007
No watermark
Color or Black white
No blended exposure, HDR, Multiple exposures, noise reduction, blurring digital effects / filters addition and subtraction of elements
All in camera effects are allowed like zooming, slow synchro, 2nd curtain, panning, stoboscopic etc
RGB curves, RGB levels, brightness & contrast, sharpening are allowed (global adjustments)
4:3 or 3:2 ratio @ 72dpi
11: PiPho & Admin and Moderators are not allowed to join the contest.

12: The Votes and Judging will be tallied by the following percentage:

40% Online Polling
60% Online Judging
*13: This contest should have at least [b]20 entries[/b] per category, if the minimum entries did not meet the contest will be invalid.

Cash Prizes by

Aliwan Moment – P3,500
Aliw Portrait – P3,500
Tribes of Aliwan P3,500
*total P10,500PiPhoL in action (Bonus Category) prize by PiPho P1,500

Photo entries should be upload to the Aliwan Photo Gallery Album hosted on

aliwan photos
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