Dinagyang Festival Photos 2007, Iloilo City: voted as the best tourism event!

Dinagyang Festival 2007

I thought I had seen it all… then i saw the Dinagyang festival.. i will let my photos below describe how i felt about the whole festival!
all I can saw is that it was fast, it was full of energy found myself trying to catch up with the movements.. the drum beats are haunting me till today.. its an experience i’d like to share thats why am goin back to dinagyang 2008, this time with a group of photographers and hopefully we can bring more people to share this experience of the Dinagyang!

If you decide to go to Iloilo, contact Leo Solinap.. he is the best guide for any photo trips around the area.. 

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Some citations of the Dinagyang Festival

  • voted by the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP) as the country’s best Tourism Event
  • The first festival in the world to get the support of the United Nations for the promotion of the Mellenium Development Goals.
  • Cited by the Asian Development Bank as Best Practice on government – private sector – NGO cooperation
  • 2007 Iloilo Dinagyang ATI Competition participating tribes.

1. Tribu Silak
2. Tribu Ilonganon
3. Tribu ni San Pedro
4. Tribu Himala
5. Tribu Pari-anon
6. Tribu Hamili
7. Tribu Pana-ad
8. Tribu Paghidaet
9. Tribu Molave
10. Tribu Familia Sagrada
11. Tribu Angola
12. Tribu Halimaw
13. Tribu Bantu
14. Tribu Atub-Atub
15. Tribu Kalubihan
16. Tribu Aninipay
17. Ang Taga Jaro
18. Tribu Dagyaw Ta
19. Tribu Baryohanon
20. Tribu Pag-asa

Here are some photos of the festivities!


dinagyang festival
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dinagyang tribes
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photo dinagyang
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dinagyang documentation
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kasadyahan photos
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sto nino and the dinagyang festival
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dinagyang warriors
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