Catholic Church Lays Guidelines for Weddings in Cebu to stop Wedding Planners “gimmicks”

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Wedding Planners seem to be outdoing each other nowadays and their gimmicks seem to be getting noticed that the Catholic Church has decided to set down their guidelines for Weddings in the Province of Cebu and reiterate that the liturgy is a prayer and not a theatrical production as some Wedding planners present them to be…..

more on the Story posted from sunstar Cebu.
To stop wedding planners’ extras, Catholic Church in Cebu lays
guidelines for weddings

By Nancy R. Cudis
Sun.Star Correspondent

WITH the Cebu Archdiocese’s new guidelines for church weddings, wedding
planners may find their job easier and ceremonies may cost less for couples.

“Unnecessary parts” of the wedding ceremony prompted archdiocese
officials to come up with new guidelines for the sacrament of marriage.

The new guidelines took effect last Easter Sunday.

Msgr. Achilles Dakay, archdiocesan media liaison officer, said the new
rules will be implemented to do away with “the numerous extras,
especially created by wedding planners, that are not supposed to be
included in the liturgy.”

“The liturgy is a prayer for all present, not a theatrical production,”
the guidelines state.

Monsignor Dakay said it is significant that the guidelines take effect
right after Easter Sunday because the day signifies the renewal of
baptismal vows, which encourages the Catholics to behave according to
the teachings of the church.


The new guidelines emphasize the role of the celebrant or the priest.

“He will celebrate the wedding according to rite of marriage of the
church, and not according to the tactics of the wedding planner,” said

Liturgical coordinator Roland Cabiluna said the new guidelines encourage
simplicity by “doing away with all the unnecessary expenses and
preserving the sacredness of the sacrament of matrimony.”

The ceremony will stretch from 45 minutes to an hour only, Cabiluna said.

The new guidelines will apply only to weddings that will be held in the
parishes and other institutions under the Archdiocese of Cebu.

He urged couples who are planning to get married to inquire from their
parishes regarding the required documents for marriage,
 which must be
submitted at least two months before the ceremony.


Under the new guidelines, couples can get married only in parish
churches, parish community chapels for mountain barangays, and the
Archbishop’s Palace chapel.

To signify the union of two adults who freely submit themselves to the
sacrament of matrimony, the archdiocese encourages couples to consider
other ways of doing the procession.

A procession does not necessarily have to be limited to having the bride
escorted by her father, who hands over his daughter to the husband to
signify “a transfer of ownership,
” the archdiocese said.

Only those who have been baptized and have received their first
communion can participate in a church wedding. This includes ring
bearers and flower girls.
 They should also understand that they are part
of the Christian community.

While Catholic weddings are not allowed during Holy Week, the church
allows it during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

Couples are allowed to select scripture readings with careful reflection
and discussions with the officiating priests but only official lectors
and psalmists coming from the parish are allowed to read the readings.

No rewriting

Couples are also not allowed to compose their own vows or reword the
vows provided for the Rite of Marriage, as approved by the archdiocese.

Secular and popular music are also not allowed to be played during the
liturgy and within the church building.
“Popular love songs often stress only the couple and exclude God’s role
in a marriage. These songs would be more appropriately performed at the
wedding reception,” the guidelines state.

The archdiocese requires photographers and videographers to be dressed
appropriately and to refrain from disrupting the ceremony.

Restrictions on the bride’s and her entourage’s gowns and dresses were
also imposed.

According to the guidelines, the gowns and dresses should be designed in
a way that these cover the shoulders and the back of the bride and her
maids. The dresses should fall below the knees and should not have slits.

The design will also be screened by the officiating priest.


To avoid unnecessary expenses, no booklets will be used during the mass
since only official liturgical books will be used.

The archdiocese also encouraged couples to plan the wedding in
moderation by not putting up arcs and canopies in the sanctuary and
entrance of the church.

The use of rice, birdseed, confetti, flowers, and petals will not be
allowed within the church and the church grounds to prevent any accident
and to keep the church premises clean. (NRC)

The archdiocese requires photographers and videographers to be dressed
appropriately and to refrain from disrupting the ceremony.

Finally someone takes notice… dont you just hate it when the wedding photographer just wears a Tshirt or worse torn jeans in the Wedding Ceremony? What about Photographers that wear loud printed shirts or bright colored shirts that distract you when they cross left to right trying to catch that perfect moment? They should remember that they are to document the ceremony and should be in the sidelines and not the main attraction of the event.

Have you ever seen a videographer or photographer with too much bling that he sounds like a walking chime? Standard have to be and the Church is in the best position to set these standards.
Will the Archdiocese of Manila Follow soon? I have been to some weddings and think that sometimes its a tad too much especially when they go and get lighting directors even for the Church Ceremonies… I think the whole essense of the sanctity of Marriage is lost to the theatrics of the Ceremony… The Solemnity of the Mass is overshadowed by the drama… if limits are not set, how far will people go?

wedding photography
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