Art in the Park – Visit the #thephotographyzone

What is Art in the Park?

Starting in 2006, Art in the Park has gathered together a diverse group of artists, galleries, art schools, independent art spaces and art groups. Art in the Park’s mission is to make the visual arts accessible to everyone. Sharing the love and passion of timeless art pieces.

This is an annual event by the Philippine Art Events, Inc. Art in the Park supports the mission of MFPI (Museum Foudation of the Philippines) to create awareness for the National Museum and its Network.

What artwork can you find in Art in the Park?

You can find unique artwork from a range of photographs, paintings, prints, and new media at very affordable prices. The goal is to share the art and art pieces at prices below Php 50,000.00 to make it more affordable to everyone that comes and visits.

Where Art in the Park Located?

It is in the heart of Salcedo Village, at the Jaime Velasquez Park.

Art in the Park 2021
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