6 Filipino Photographers to follow on Instagram 2020

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Here are the 6 best filipino photographers to follow on instagram this 2020!

Our 1st feature of the 5 photographers was well received and was asked why not discover local talent? Asked around and compiled a list of 20 photographers only to narrow them down to 5.. now 6 The first 6 on my list of pinoy photographers.

We aren’t stopping at 5 but will post a new list every month with the 5 best photographers to follow.. This is a special list i compiled and each photographer is a friend or someone I have worked with in the past. Not strangers.. people that have inspired me with their passion in doing what they love and sharing to the world.

Update: We added 1 more photographer on the list because her work merits praise.. done on a Huawei P20.. her macro work using a mobile phone is excellent! Her facination of spiders and drafonflies opens up a window making you wonder the level of difficulty she had to do to capture her images.

Our selection of 6 Best Filipino Photographers to follow on instagram to experience photography from another viewfinder.




Edwin Martinez

A former medical and corporate professional, Edwin has found his niche and true calling in landscape photography.
An adventurer, explorer and a landscape photographer based in the Philippines, and Canon Brand Ambassador.

Ezra Acayan

Photographer for @gettyimages based in the Philippines.
@ianparryscholar and @luciefoundation grantee.
I just want to make important pictures.

Mare Collantes

Taking photos of moments I want to remember. ๐Ÿ“ธ
Travel & Events Photographer ๐ŸŒ— @lunar_ph & ๐Ÿ’ @atlas.studiosph


Arlene Donaire

Cebuano. Filipino. Travel Photographer. Writer. Economist.

Buji Libarnes

Make a better place. #SpacesByTheBrownlegs @VesselHostel @VansPhilippines @Nettleton_Surfboards. Co-founder-@SingleAndUnattached_

Elena Taeza

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