50+ Sample Photography Poses for female, male and couples – A complete model posing guide

Posing is easy right? YES it is.. if no one is watching is what my model friend answered me. There needs to be some connection with the photographer to pull out the shyness and make the model radiate her beauty from within. It isnt that easy.. but the most experienced models will make it easy and fun for you to do.

This post is dedicated to the newbies, the instagramers, the wannabe influencers that want to project and strut their stuff in front of the camera, or maybe for the photographer that is too shy to tell the model what to do. The photographer has to take charge and let the model know that he means business and that everything will come out good and polished.

There will always be that awkwardness but if you show the model that you are there to work then everything will fall into place, your guidance will inspire confidence that you need to get that perfect shot! Study up and review posing styles and match it with the desired output. If you are uncertain or maybe if the model is a newbie, have a short pre-prod and iron out expectations and try to make the most out of that meeting to understand and execute what needs to be done.

Do you take 3 shots, 5 shots or 20 shots or more? That will depend.. once you put your heart and mind into shooting you know when you get that perfect look, it may not come easy at first but if you continue to practice all the techniques, you can hone your skill and get the effect you want right away. When shooting and I am confident enough that i got the shot I want, I still take a few buffer shots for safety. Sometimes that easing of pressure from the model that you have gotten that perfect shot may bring down her inhibitions and give you something much more engaging. You can never have enough photos of a pretty subject!

Sample Model Posing tips for your models :

  1. Do something out of the ordinary.
  2. Awkward is good..  nobody likes posing awkwardly but they do get some conversation started!
  3. Play with light and shadow, emphasize a play of shape and size.. with contrast.
  4. Posing is like dancing, maybe add music to your shoot and see if the model gets intro the groove.
  5. Props, have lots of it, scarves, hats, extra shirts, glasses, shades, shoes, and anything else that will add more interest in the photo.
  6. Photography has many elements, best to combine elements and present them in a different way..  learn to use  line, shape, form, texture, color, pattern and space to your advantage.
  7. Build rapport with your model before the shoot and not during the shoot.
  8. Don’t forget your model release form! Protect your IP and make sure you have permission to show it off!
  9. If you have a posing list or a emotion list that you want executed, show them before hand so they can do, practice before the shoot and get what you want easily.

model posing guid
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Sample Poses to Get You Started with Photographing Women

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