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5 Photographers to Follow on Instagram 2020

Here are the 5 best photographers to follow on instagram this 2020!

How many of you look to instagram to get a spark on inspiration from photographers that have travelled the world? I like looking at other photographers photos to get a feel and experience of how they took the image, and tell their stories. Don’t you get amazed and wonder how some of the photos are taken? Experiencing photos of others is a way to learn, so make sure you expose yourself with good photos that tell good stories!

This will be a series of post to feature photographers and sharing their amazing work on instagram! Good photos need to be shared and not kept a secret. These people have got their instagram game ready for the world to see!

Being a good photographer is telling stories that haven’t been told before.. making others experience and letting the feeling jump out of the photo and making the viewer feel like they are with seeing thru your eyes. Experience the Drama a thousand miles away.

Our selection of 5 photographers to follow on instagram to experience photography from another viewfinder.

Michael Shainblum
Photographer and Filmmaker

Darren Jew Photography
Ocean photographer

Nirav Patel
Follower of Christ.
San Francisco Fine Art Portrait

Tobias Hägg
Airborne Creativity & Photography
Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪

Chris Burkard
Have Camera, Will Travel.

5 Photographers to Follow on Instagram 2020
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