12th Graphic Expo 2007 – Annual Digital Art Competition

photographer philippines
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in the 12th Graphic Expo 2007

Sponsored By: Design Agencies Association of the Philippines (DAAP), Art Philippines, IdN Club Philippines, Epson Philippines Corporation, Ynzal Marketing Corporation, and Fiera de Manila, Inc.

Join and Win Prizes!

Interested parties are invited to join the ‘The Annual Digital Art Competition 2007′, open to professional and amateur graphic and digital designers, web masters, photographers, and digital artists. Works that will enter the finals will be exhibited at the Design Gallery of Graphic Expo 2007 on June 6-9, 2007 at the Philippine Trade Training Center, Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Philippines.

*Digital Graphic Design – (DAAP)
*Digital Fine Art – (Art Philippines)
*Web Design – (IdN Philippines)

Mechanics for Digital Graphic Design and Fine Art

1. For preliminary judging, submit works/entries printed on A4 size photo or inkjet paper except for Web Design in which entries will be submitted in the form of URL.
2. Can utilized scanned imagery and digital painting techniques via various available graphics software.
3. Not acceptable are images, symbols, or artworks whose copyright belongs to another person.
4. Contestants should enclose a personal data sheet containing the following information: full name, address, company/school, telephone, email, web site, theme/title of entry.
5. All entries should accompany a brief, one paragraph of the artist’s concept. Contestants can submit unlimited number of entries.
6. Entry fee is P200.00 per entry paid upon submission of entries.
7. Deadline for submission of entries is May 15, 2007.

Judging of Entries and Criteria:

*Judging will be scheduled on May 25, 2007.
*Awarding and announcement of winners will take place during the Formal Opening Ceremonies of Graphic Expo on June 06, 2007.
*Criteria for final judging: Creativity (25%), Visual Impact (25%), Use of Imaging Technology (25%) and Right Use of Color/s (25%).

Prizes for Graphic Design and Fine Art Category:

*One Winner per category – Epson printers, plaque, cash prize of P10,000.00

Mechanics for Web Design

1. Entries should reflect not only the creativity and originality of the designers but also their understanding of the unique challenges of designing for the web.
2. Web sites will be judged for appearance, flexibility, navigation, interactivity, and suitability for their intended audiences. Creativity in solving the problems of designing for electronic media is primary consideration.
3. Entry fee is P200.00 per entry paid upon submission of entries.
4. Deadline for submission of entries URL via email is May 15, 2007.

Judging Criteria:

*Criteria for final judging: Appearance (10%), Flexibility (15%), Navigation (20%), Inter activity (20%), Suitability for Intended Audience (10%), and Creativity (25%).

Prizes for Web Design Category:
*One Winner – Wacom Tablet, plaque, cash prize of P10,000.00

photographer philippines
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