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Understanding your Camera

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Mastering digital photography begins with a deep understanding of your camera and its capabilities. Knowing your camera well helps you capture amazing pictures no matter your level of experience in

Photography in the Philippines

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History is the study of the past. But when it comes to Philippine photography, the term is more complex than it seems. Sure, there are photographs of important historical events,

The Philippines is one of the most diverse places in the world. If you are planning to visit the Philippines or you just want to get a taste of the country, make sure to check out the photography section in this website. Here you can find a variety of photos of the country’s best landmarks and sceneries taken by people from around the world.

In the Philippines, breathtaking landscapes are a dime a dozen. For over 7,100 islands, the country has a lot to offer in terms of natural attractions.  The most common landscapes that tourists and locals alike photograph are beaches, mountains, cascading waterfalls, and lush green vegetation. And while these are pretty picturesque, they don’t show the Philippines at its best. If we were to showcase the Philippines using only the aforementioned categories, then we be doing our country a disservice.  Instead, we wanted to share the other beautiful landscapes that are often overlooked by locals and tourists alike.

What is philippine photography?

Philippine photography is a growing community of people who are passionate about photography. The resources available for this community are limited though, and they are also scattered around the web. The ” Philippines Photography Odyssey” aims to bring all of these resources together in one place. It adds new content weekly and is open to new writers as well. The website is free and open to everyone.

Philippines Top Photographers

The Philippine Photography is a proud platform for Filipino photographers to meet, to exchange ideas, to learn from each other. It is also a place where Filipino photographers can share their work and get a chance to be recognized. In the Philippines, photography is a popular past-time. It is also a popular career. In fact, there are a lot of Filipino photographers who are working all over the world. The Philippines has produced world-class photographers who have been recognized internationally.

Our Project is to place all the photographer profiles in one place, a place where they can showcase their work, their photography and their love of it.


Aspiring photographers often ask what makes a good photographer. If you’re hoping to become a professional photographer, it’s important to know what makes the best photographers stand out from the crowd. As you start honing your craft, you’ll need to build your skills. You’ll also need to make sure you have the right camera and other photography tools. You’ll also need to develop your character, because your personality will influence your photography.

Wether you are a into filipino food photography or a local wedding photographer, this is a place where you can call home. A place to share interest in local photography scene. Looking to be featured? Drop us a line!

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